The flagship Sublime Series from Crush is the perfect harmony between pleasing aesthetic, durability and superior tone. Available in a variety of wood types, finishes and configurations, the Sublime Series allows you to build your ultimate dream kit. Choose from

North American Maple, North American Birch and a North American Maple European Ash blend. 

Sublime ST
North American Maple
100% North American Birch
The perfect blend of Maple and Ash.
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The Chameleon Series from Crush gets its name from our interchangeable Chameleon like lugs. From our premium 100% European Ash kit to our Birch Complete which includes a full set of hardware to our ever popular Birch Bop kit. Crush has found a way to exceed expectations when it comes to superior sound quality, design and durability previously only found on high-end kits . 

100% European Ash
Blend of Birch and Poplar.
Blend of Birch and Poplar.
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Crush was the first company to introduce a seamless shell acrylic kit below $1,000. Crush Acrylic offers an undeniable warmth not typically found in acrylic while still maintaining the volume and power of a traditional acrylic kit. Crush Acrylic

continues to be at the forefront of affordable acrylic drums.

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Starting is not only the most important step, it's sometimes the hardest thing to do. Thats why we've developed the Alpha series. Crush has simplified the beginning steps by offering a drum kit complete with hardware, throne, cymbals, 6 pairs of sticks

and a stick bag. Everything you need to begin your journey today. 

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