AXM Overview

The Sublime AXM Series is truly a work of playable art.

The Ash finish is complemented by the satin drum hardware. The shells are comprised of meticulously selected Ash and North American Maple. These hybrid shells feature reinforcement rings, specialized bearing edges and varying shell plies. The precise attack of Ash pairs beautifully with the warmth of Maple. This kit delivers quality construction, style and sound unlike any other in its class.


The Sublime AXM Series features reinforcement rings in the toms. The snare drums have 10 plies with a single 45º bearing edge for a sharp attack. The bass drums feature an 8 ply shell with a double 45º bearing edge on the batter side and a fully rounded bearing edge on the resonant side. The toms have 6 ply ash / maple shells with dual 45º bearing edges for a strong attack and plenty of resonance.

The Sublime AXM Series is equipped with the Crush 4 Point X-Suspension Mount and Crush Tom Brackets with Mating Memory Locks. 2.3mm tom hoops and 2.3mm reverse flange snare drum hoops ensure maximum resonance with reinforced durability. The Sublime AXM features a high gloss natural lacquer and satin finishes. The lugs, hoops, and X-Suspension Mounts are all finished in satin.


AXM Features

AXM Finishes


AXM Configurations

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  • Ash and North American Maple Hybrid Shell

  • 6 Ply Toms with Double 45º Bearing Edges w/ Slightly Rounded Outer Edge

  • 8 Ply Bass Drum with a Double 45º Bearing Edge on the Batter Side and a Fully Rounded Bearing Edge on the Resonant Side

  • 10 Ply Snare Drum with Single 45º Bearing Edges

  • 2.3mm Tom Hoops

  • 2.3mm Reverse Flange Snare Drum Hoops

  • Maple Reinforcement Rings in Toms

  • High Gloss Lacquer Finish

  • Satin Chrome Plated Hardware


  • 8"x6" 

  • 10"x7" 

  • 13"x9" 

Floor Toms

  • 14"x13"

  • 18"x16"


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