M4 Overview

The M4 Series Offers Road Tough Construction At An Affordable Price.

With rugged construction and a medium weight, this hardware is perfect for any drumming situation. In the M4 line: M4 Single Bass Drum Pedal, the M4 Double Bass Pedal, the M4 Hi Hat Stand, the M4 Snare Stand, and the M4 3 Tier Cymbal Boom Stand.

The line features scratch resistant coatings, brass bearing hinges, integrated memory locks, heavy duty feet, and double chained bass drum pedals.


M4 Features

Toothless Tilter

Toothless Tilter

Reliable infinite tilting mechanism for exact positioning and cymbal placement

Rugged Boom Structure

The rugged hideaway boom structure allows multi-angle and

straight/boom arm adjustments

Rugged Boom Structure
Robust Hinged Tube Joint

Robust Hinged Tube Joint

The robust hinged tube joint with integrated memory lock provides exceptional clamping force and rigidity for this stand

Oversized Non-Slip Rubber Feet

Designed for Shear Flow Distribution.

Oversized Non-Slip Rubbe Feet


M4 Pedal

  • Double Chain

  • High Grade Bearings

  • ABS Cams

  • Heavy Duty Coatings

  • Brass Bearing Hinge

  • 2-Sided Beater

  • Hard Plastic Case for Double Pedals

M4 Stand

  • Toothless Tilter

  • Double Braced Legs

  • 1.1” Tubing

  • Swivel Hi-Hat Base

  • Fast Hi-Hat Spring Adjustment

  • Mating Memory Locks

  • Large Rubber Feet