Bop Overview

A marriage of sonically pleasing tone and eye catching design the Chameleon bop is the perfect kit whether your needs are genre-specific or just an easier transportable option.


This kit has great features including a lift included right in the box! The Light Blue Sparkle Wrap is beautifully complimented by the black powder coated hardware; giving it an amazingly unique and modern look that has never been seen on this style of kit.


Bop Features

Heavy Duty Claws

Heavy Duty die cast with rubber grommets for ultimate strength and durability while protecting your hoops.

Bass Drum Mounted Tom

Rack Tom is mounted with an extra tall Ball-In-Socket arm allowing for flexable adjustments. 

Chameleon Lugs

Three piece heavy duty design looks great while retaining super strong stress points. The Chameleon Lug allows the drummer to change the color of their lugs without having to remove the lug housing from the drum shell.

Mating Memory Locks

Mating Memory Locks allow for super fast set up and are integrated into the bracket for a design that is visually stunning and extremely functional.

Two Position Spurs

Heavy duty cast fitting which feature two points for faster setup and increased durability.

Bass Drum Lift

The included Crush Bass Drum Lift aligns the bass drum with the pedal beater maximiming feel and tone.   




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  • 7 ply Birch/Poplar Shells

  • Light Blue Sparkle Wrap

  • Double 45º Bearing Edges

  • Included Bass Drum Lift

  • Reverse Flange Snare Drum Hoops

  • 2-Position Bass Drum Spurs

  • Black Powder Coated Hardware and Hoops

  • Interchangeable Chameleon Lug Inserts

  • Tom Bracket with Mating Memory Locks

  • Birch Bass Drum Hoops with Matching Finish


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