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A marriage of sonically pleasing tone and eye catching design the Chameleon bop is the perfect kit whether your needs are genre-specific or just an easier transportable option.


This kit has great features including a lift included right in the box! The Light Blue Sparkle Wrap is beautifully complimented by the black powder coated hardware; giving it an amazingly unique and modern look that has never been seen on this style of kit.


Bop Features




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  • 7 ply Birch/Poplar Shells

  • Light Blue Sparkle Wrap

  • Double 45º Bearing Edges

  • Included Bass Drum Lift

  • Reverse Flange Snare Drum Hoops

  • 2-Position Bass Drum Spurs

  • Black Powder Coated Hardware and Hoops

  • Interchangeable Chameleon Lug Inserts

  • Tom Bracket with Mating Memory Locks

  • Birch Bass Drum Hoops with Matching Finish


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