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The newest addition to the Sublime Series of drums is the Sublime Birch. We use 100% USA Birch for its time tested strength and consistency of tone. Birch will give an artist clear focused attack and tight booming lows without any unwanted overtones. These drums also feature Crush’s slightly rounded bearing edges on the toms and our two edge design for bass drums so each drum will perform to its greatest potential. The bearing edges will also bring additional warmth to the birch shells for a fuller and fatter tone around the kit. 

All Sublime drums feature well-thought-out and engineered shell hardware to ensure the drums can resonate properly and stand up to the test of time. The Sublime Birch series was outfitted with Gull Wing bass drum spurs, Natural Birch hoops and bass drums cut in more traditional depths. As with any Crush drum set that we build we want to find the perfect harmony between pleasing aesthetic, durability and superior tone. We have achieved this with the latest offering of this series the Sublime Birch.  



Birch Features

Birch Finishes


Birch Configurations

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  • 100% North American Birch Shells

  • Toms: 6 Ply Shells with Double 45º Bearing Edges w/ Slightly Rounded Outer Edge

  • Bass Drums: 6 Ply Shells with a Double 45º Bearing Edge on the Batter Side and a Rounded Bearing Edge on the Resonant Side

  • Crush X-Suspension Mounts

  • 2.0mm Tom Hoops

  • Crush Hoop Saver Bass Drum Claws

  • Crush Mini Bridge Lugs

  • Chrome Plated Hardware


  • 8"x6" 

  • 10"x7" 

  • 12"x8"

  • 13"x9" 

Floor Toms

  • 14"x13"

  • 16"x14"

  • 18"x16"

Bass Drums

  • 18"x16"

  • 20"x14"

  • 22"x16"


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