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Chameleon Complete by Crush has set a new standard for affordable drum sets.

The shells are well-blended 7 Ply Birch/Poplar with custom black painted interiors for better projection and sensitivity. Without compromising any of Crush’s proprietary features, this series is produced with high-end drum manufacturing standards like precision waxed bearing edges, 4-point X-Suspension mounts, and heavy duty cast two position spurs.


To this, we have created even more value by bringing you this series complete with a newly designed 1” heavy-tubing hardware pack with Crush’s ergonomic wing nuts and oversized real rubber feet.


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Chameleon Complete is truly a new standard in affordable drums.

More than just a shell pack, we've packaged this 5-piece monster with a full set of double braced hardware. Including a Hi Hat Stand, Snare Drum Stand, Boom Stand, Straight Stand and a Bass Drum Pedal. 


Complete Configurations

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  • 7 ply Birch/Poplar Shells

  • Black Painted Interior

  • Precision Waxed Dual 45˚ Bearing Edges with Slight Outer Round Over

  • 1” Heavy-Tubing Hardware Pack Included

  • Chameleon Lugs w/ Interchangeable Inserts

  • 4-point X-Suspension Mount

  • Mating Memory Locks & Tom Brackets

  • Reverse Flange Snare Hoops

  • 2-position Heavy-Cast Spurs

  • Heavy-Cast Claws

  • Powder Coated Drum Hardware


  • 8"x6" 

  • 10"x7" 

  • 12"x8"

  • 13"x9" 

Floor Toms

  • 14"x13"

  • 16"x14"

  • 18"x16"

Bass Drums

  • 20"x20"

  • 22"x20"


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