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M1 Overview

The M1 Series from Crush Is Finely Tuned for Optimum Precision.

The Double Bass Drum Pedals offer customizable, high-performance features and amazingly durable construction. With a sleek design and heavy-duty features, this pedal is perfect for drummers wanting to upgrade to a higher level or a pro expanding his arsenal. This Crush M1 pedal features an adjustable footboard, a quick and easy conversion from standard to longboard, double glide chain, dual-surface beaters and heavy-duty coatings. In addition,the double pedal includes a direct-drive adapter and a hard plastic case.


The M1 Hi-Hat Stand is constructed with a solid aluminum framework, machined footboard, 2-leg support and heavy duty 1.1” tubing, the M1 Hi-Hat Stand delivers rugged durability and precise functionality. The patented quick-folding and set-up locking system offers convenience and portability for working artists day after day.



M1 Pedal

M1 Hi Hat

  • Machined Aluminum Footboard

  • Pressed Brass Heel Plate Bearings

  • Adjustable Cam

  • Independently Adjustable Footboard

  • Double Smooth Glide Chain

  • Direct Drive Adapter Included

  • Pedal Tool Included

  • Modular Design Allows Conversion of Single to Double Pedals

  • Dual Surface Beater

  • Heavy Duty Coating

  • Hard Plastic Case For Single and Double Pedals

  • Solid Aluminum Framework

  • Machined Aluminum Footboard

  • 2-Leg Support and Heavy Duty 1.1” Tubing

  • Patented Quick-Folding and Set-Up Locking System

  • Instinctive Tension Adjustment

  • Tilting Seat for Bottom Hi-Hat Cymbal


M1 Features

Machined Aluminum Footboard

Double Smooth Chain

M1 pedals are outfitted with smooth double chain drives and direct drive conversion brackets. Allowing the artist to set the pedals up for their exact playing style.

Heel Plate
Double Sooth Chain

Heel Plate

Super simple two screw conversion from long board to short board with included multi tool.

Adjustable Cam

Adjustable cams can be set from smooth to extremely aggressive depending on your playing preference.  

Adjustable Cam

Machined Aluminum Footboard

Cast and machined aircraft aluminum results in a lighter stronger pedal.

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