Multi Species Overview

The Multi Species snare started as a dare between the designers at Crush and a few of our artists. To our surprise we built a snare that is sonically superior to most wooden snare drums and has become a huge conversation piece for drummers and designers alike.


Two plies each of five different desirable drum woods results in a drum that expresses itself favorably across the frequency spectrum. Sonically it has articulate highs and warm mellow low tones.


Hybrid Features

  • 10-ply Maple/ Mahogany/ Ash/ Birch/ Wenge Shell

  • Natural Ash Outer Ply

  • Crush Tube Lugs

  • Satin Finish Hardware

  • 42 Strand Carbon Steel Snare Wires

  • Sizes 13"x7" and 14"x6"

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