Aluminum Overview

Aluminum has been used for many years in drum making. We start with a spun aluminum shell which gives us a precise and rigid base. Bearing edges are slightly rounder resulting in a very warm tone from the drum.


The precise construction of the shell along with the reverse flange hoops and hybrid wires gives this series of aluminum snares an aggressive bite with a dry wide open sound. High and low frequencies are well articulated as with most metal snares while the aluminum provides a warmth usually reserved for wooden drums. Available in 14"x5.5" and 14"x6.5" sizes. 


Aluminum Features

  • Brushed Aluminum Rolled Shell

  • Heavy Duty Tube Lugs

  • 2.3mm Reverse Flange Hoops

  • Brass / Carbon Steel Hybrid Snare Wires

  • Crush Vent Hole Badge

  • Sizes 14"x5.5" and 14"x6.5"

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